heart Our "B" litter was born on 28th May 2018! heart Parents are Cameron from Stirling Bridge (Laurelhach Legend x Stirling Bridge Arwen) & Alotria Neverending Grace (Liric Xcaliber x Arry z Dvorku Čamourku). heart Born 10 puppies (4 girls & 6 boys). heart All puppies are PRA-rcd4 CLEAR! heart

copyright: Miroslav Varga

8. 6. 2018

Puppies are 11 days old. It started to be a lot of fun with them. They are slowly opening their eyes and becoming more and more active. We have 2 girls and 1 boys available for reservation.



Mr. Green                                                                     Mr. Blue


Mr. Black                                                                            Mr. Brown


Mr. Grey                                                                      Mr.Purple


Miss Red                                                                       Miss Yellow


Miss Pink                                                                       Miss Orange

2. 6. 2018

Our "B" litter was born on 28th May 2018 - 4 girls and 6 boys. All puppies are PRA - rcd4 CLEAR. 2 girls and 3 boys are available.


Mr. Black & Miss Pink

Photogallery of our babies at the age of 4 days is HERE


1. 5. 2018

Finally I found a meadow full of dandelions. So I took Lotka with me to take some nice photos to remember her pregnancy.



 Lotka (Alotria Neverending Grace) - 34 day pregnant heart

Today's ultrasound check of pregnancy revealed unique pictures of our babies for the last till they birth. They look like a small dogs already. Lotka is doing fine, eating a lot and enjoying her special time in life. She will be great mum.


Lotka's pregnancy ultrasound on day 35

22. 4. 2018

PREGNANCY IS CONFIRMED! We are expecting puppies in the end of May 2018 out of Cameron from Stirling Bridge and Alotria Neverending Grace.heart Serious inquiries are welcomed. More info:


27. - 28. 3. 2018 MATING HUNGARY

Cameron and Lotka (with big passion and love) did their best to become parents of our "B" litter in the end of May 2018!


Cameron from Stirling Bridge & Alotria Neverending Grace 

Cameron's last working success was during Field trial competition where he gained 14 points and VERY GOOD! So looking forward to those little runners after him and Lotka.

Serious inquires are welcome. You can find more information about future puppies HERE.

24. 8. 2017

Alotria took part in Duodanube Dog Show in Bratislava last Saturday. Setters were correctly judged by Duško Šormaz from Serbia. Alotria won her class with Exc. 1, CAC and after became best bitch with CACIB & BOS!!! She fullfilled condition to be a Slovak beauty champion! heart

Renata with Kai (Quick Silver From the Noble friends) - Alotria's half brother - came to support us. Renata also took some really nice photos of Alotria and Elza z Dvorku Čamourku (with brown collar).



ALOTRIA Neverending Grace - Exc. 1, CAC, CACIB & BOS - Slovak beauty champion!





And day after the dog show we got up very early. Alotria took part in coursing competition - Holiday Wind Cup. She run with her regular passion and finished the competition on 2nd place in FCI 7 group.angel


ALOTRIA 2. place FCI 7 - Holiday Winc Cup (coursing)






And now we only plan our "B" litter. More information about upcoming litter is HERE. Father will be young & promising Cameron (Cameron from Stirling Bridge). wink


28. 6. 2017

Alotria took part at Annual Club show of ČPSK. She became the winner of working class with Excellent 1 and CAC title! The judge was Ing. Jursa from Slovakia. I am so proud of my girl wink


ALOTRIA Neverending Grace - Exc.1 & CAC

ALOTRIA Neverending Grace in final ring (photo: Niki Balajková)


 28. 6. 2017

Lotka - ALOTRIA Neverending Grace - fulfilled all concition for breeding by the date 29th May 2017 and became a brood bitch of MSKAO Club ! devil



12. 5. 2015 Lotka fulfilled conditions for breeding

Alotria Neverending Grace "LOTKA" fulfilled Ability exams with 216 points (out of 228) with all marks necessary for breeding on May 8th. Our dream came true. Alotria is brand new Czech champion of beauty and as well as our potential mother to be at "Neverending Grace" Kennel (probably this winter)!heart


Alotria's achievement HERE heart

4. 5. 2017 Hunting ability exams Těšany

Our first hunting tests with great result!

ALOTRIA Neverending Grace, I. prize, 214 points (out of 228)!!! heart



ALOTRIA Neverending Grace -  I. prize, 214 points

4. 1. 2017

Pour Feliciter 2017 & Happy 4th B-day to our "A" Litter heart


24. 12. 2016

Let the spirit of Christmas warm your home with love, joy and peace. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! heart



10. 11. 2016

Our Grace crossed the rainbow bridge in the end of October. Great dogs live too short. That's their only fault.

Grace. Mrs. Unigue! Thank you for everything. WE WILL NEVER FORGET! heart 


23. 6. 2016

PUPPIES FROM MAGIC BLACK REBELS (Slovenia) are looking for loving owners. They will be ready to move in the end of July. Proud parents are A REBEL HEART Neverending Grace and PROUD POPPY From the Noble friends.

More information: or via facebook HERE.


1. 6. 2016

Gordon setter babies were born on 27th May 2016 in Slovenia.

Proud parents are our A REBEL HEART Neverending Grace and PROUD POPPY From the Noble Friends. All 9 babies (5 boys and 4 girls) are doing well as well as strong mother. Some of those gorgeous babies are available. In case of serious interest I will give you a contact to breeder Tamara. 

I believe that it is perfect combination with excellent future. heart


7. 5. 2016

Regional dog show - Kačina, judge: Ing. Dolejšová (CZE)

ALOTRIA Neverending Grace - Exc.1, Class Winner, Regional Winner heart

ARRY z Dvorku Čamourku - Exc.1, Class Winner heart

and closer to her veteran champion title

Visit of our ACCORDING TO GARP Neverending Grace after the dog show.   

ACCORDING TO GARP Neverending Grace

All pictures from this lovely day HERE wink

11. 5. 2016

Club Show MSKAO (Slavkov u Brna) - judge: Mrs. Justice


ALOTRIA Neverending Grace - Excellent (Open class)


Looking forward to our related gordon setter puppies in Slovenia after our "A REBEL HEART Neverending Grace" and "Proud Poppy From the Noble Friends! Keep fingers crossed to Tamara and her breeding plans! Puppies are expected around 27th May 2016!

6. 11. 2015

Our kennel "Neverending Grace" is now located in Humpolec!


Our baby Grace is veteran girl now. She celebrated her 8th B-day on 20th October.


PRAGUE DOG EXPO 31.10.2015 (judge: MVDr. Šimek)

ALWIN Neverending Grace (Open Class): VERY GOOD 



ARRY z Dvorku Čamourku "GRACE" (Veteran Class): Exc. 1, Best Veteran (BOV)

25. 9. 2015 Czech Championship (coursing) - Ptýrov 2015 

Arry z Dvorku Čamourku "GRACE" - 3rd place, 321 points

Alotria Neverending Grace "LOTKA" - 1st place, 346 points, Best dog FCI VII & Czech Champion

1. 9. 2015



ALWIN Neverending Grace - VG1            &        ALOTRIA Neverending Grace Exc1, CAC

New Alwin's photos HERE heart.


And what about other "A" boys?

A-TROY (Arčí) is our Mr. Fluffy. More photos are on his profileheart.

ACCORDING TO GARP (Garp) - our Mr. White Beard heart.


Our first fishing holiday



29. 7. 2015

Extremely hot Interdog Bohemia Dog Show (18.7.2015, judge: Vlasák, CZE)

ALOTRIA Neverending Grace - Exc. 2, res. CAC


How we spend summer heart




In case you are interested in Gordon Setter puppy one baby boy is waiting for loving owners at z Dvorku Čamourku Kennel. Parents are Lochfain As Aus Approach To Glenmaurangi "Ned" (UK´s TOP Gordon Setter 2012, TOP Gordon Setter Male 2013) and Bora z Dvorku Čamourku (first dual champion in the Czech Republic).

El Roy, 9 week

                                             More info about El Roy: or Kennel z Dvorku Čamourku HEREsmiley

17. 7. 2015

ALWIN represented our kennel at Regional Dog Show Příbram and his result was simply awesome.

He gained Exc.1, Class Winner and Regional Winner and finally 2nd Best Male at the show. I am so proud.


Spring photos from Brno


Soběšice                                                                 Soví studánka

The professional photos of Grace and Lotka by friend of mine Jana - JANA KAISI PHOTOGRAPHY, webpage:


Coursing competition MEDLANECKY SYSEL 2015:

Alotria Neverending Grace "LOTKA" 1st place FCI VII - 324points

Arry z Dvorku Čamourku "GRACE" 2nd place FCI VII - 310points

Proud winners. Well done, girls!





New photos of our Croatian boy ARAGORN KHAL have arrived. I like his expression so much. He loves snow so much (like every Gordon Setter) and this winter was full of snow. He newest photos are HERE.


Also other "A" babies have updates in their galleries: AL CAPONE, A REBEL HEART and ALOTRIA.


CACIB Celje (14.2.2015) - A REBEL HEART Neverending Grace

judge: John Walsh, Ireland


A REBEL HEART Neverending Grace Exc.1, CAC, CACIB and BEST MALE!


DUO CACIB BRNO (8.2.2015)

ALOTRIA Neverending Grace V1, CAC, CACIB, CAC ČMKU & BOS! judge: MVDr. Šrámek (CZE)



Visit of our AL CAPONE at the dog show. I like this boy so much eventhough he is ungroomed yes



CACIB LJUBLJANA, 18.1.2015 and great result for our Rebel

A REBEL HEART Neverending Grace in Open Class: Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, Slovenian Winner and Cruft's Qualification for 2016!!! Rebel opened his Slovenian championship as well as CIE championship heart

Rebel is also a stud dog in Slovenia!

If you are interested in mating with Rebel, do not hesitate to contact me and I will tell you more details about our Slovenian pride.


*** PRAGUE DOG EXPO, 1.11.2014 ***

Alwin was nicely judged by Mrs. McCarry Carrol Angie (IRL) in intermediate class. He still needs to mature a little bit but he got really nice critique! I am so proud of this boy. Big thank belongs to his owners who brought Alwin to this show. I was pleased to see them after 6months...


ALWIN Neverending Grace, 22months - intermediate class: VG1

Alwin´s results till today: VP1, VG1, HD A/B, ED 0/0, PRA: CLEAR, cerebellar ataxia: CLEAR by parentage

More photos of Alwin HERE

And what about "our" parson russell? He entered the ring with his owner for the first time and he rocked! He won everything he could. Judge, Mr. Václavík (CZE), chose him to be the best parson in hard competition.


CUTE CARUSO Happy Russell, 19months - intermediate: CAC, CACIB, BOB and Prague Winner

All Jim´s results are HERE

Photos from Prague Dog Expo are HERE

*** Europian DogShow Brno, 26.10.2014 *** judge: Francesco Balducci, Italy

ALOTRIA NEVERENDING GRACE, 22 months, intermediate class - EXCELLENT


photos taken by: Karolina Vybíralová, Zuzka Nedavašková and Michaela Silnická

One funny video of Grace. She is really special. Her training for Christmas has just started. Video abour Grace and her gift for 7th birtday is HERE :)


*** AL CAPONE Neverending Grace - Autumn exam, I.merit 272 points out of 300 ***

Al Capone passed hi firt hunting test with retrieving og pheasant and hare with high points. I am so proud of this special boy :)


CACIB Mladá Boleslav, judge: Piotr Król (PL)

ALOTRIA Neverending Grace "LOTKA" - Exc.1, CAC, res.CACIB (Open class)


                                                                photo: Ivet Jansová                                                        photo: Zuzana Nedavašková


Setter Speciality Show - judge: J.Pál (SK) 

Alotria Neverending Grace "LOTKA", Open class: Exc.1, CAC, Speciality Winner & BOS

Arry z Dvorku Čamourku "GRACE", Honour class: Exc.1

Lotka became Best Bitch, recieved her first trophies and she made a really good job in BOB competition too. Grace attended dog show after 2 years in Honour class and she didn't forgot who to present her in best way. I am proud of my girls!!!

Lotka's critique: "62cm, middle-sized bones, elegant head, long dry neck, enough forchest, enough depth of chest, excellent upper line, good angulation and movement also, hair and its color standard"


                                GRACE Honour class - Exc.1                                LOTKA (on right): Exc.1, CAC, Speciality Winner, BOS

                                                                                                         on the left BOB: Aslan Blackmoor's Shadow


*** ALWIN Neverending Grace: PRA-rcd4 mutation was not detected N/N (wild-type genotype) PRA -rcd4 CLEAR ***

*** ALOTRIA Neverending Grace: PRA-rcd4 mutation was not detected N/N (wild-type genotype) PRA -rcd4 CLEAR ***


Regional Dog Show Kačina 2014

This small show is located close to my parents place. I like this show so much also for its atmosphere at gardens of chateau Kačina. Dogs in ring No.1 were judged by Miroslav Vaáclavík (CZE). And we are so proud that your youngster dazzled him :-)


   CUTE CARUSO HAPPY RUSSELL "Jim" - Exc.1, Class Winner                 ALOTRIA NEVERENDING GRACE "Lotka" - Exc.1

You can find all photos from this show HERE

And last news is connected with AMALIA. I like her head expression (so similar to her daddy Troy!) as well as her physiques.


I have received perfect news from Slovenia. Rebel fulfilled last requirement for breeding (hunting test) on 10th May and he will become a stud dog in Slovenia soon!!! I am so proud of this boy! Congrats heart

A REBEL HEART Neverending Grace - 1. stud dog from "A" litter

Lotka attended dog show after a long time. She got VERY GOOD again just only because of her hyper kangeroo movements. Judge liked her a lot. Our time will come :)

ALOTRIA Nevernending Grace - CACIB České Budějovice (judge: Hana Kunfalvi)


Ascon was groomed for very first time because he will participate at dog show this weekend. I really like his expression. He grew into a lovely boy. I hope that judge will appreciate his qualities...

ASCON Neverending Grace - 16months


I forgot to mention ATHOS last time. He is also trained for hunting tests. He has great field skills. He is precise on point and he is good in retrieving too. I believe we will hear a lot about this boy :)

A REBEL HEART passed a breeding show in Slovenia with EXCELLENT (heigh: 66.5cm) last Saturday. He made a next stop to become a stud dog in Slovenia :)

And life in Neverending Grace Kennel? 


fishing with Lotka                                                                Lotka on point, Grace seconds 


  relax in the pub                                      walking around Brno

visit of Dvorek Čamourek Kennel, from left: Lotka, Datchi & Borka


I have received another fantastic health result of our "A" baby ALWIN:


ALWIN - age: 41days

Alwin is 4th "Troy x Grace" puppy who fulfilled health part of breeding conditions with excellent result!

Our 2 "A" boys - AL CAPONE (in the Czech Republic) and A REBEL HEART (in Slovenia) - have been preparing for hunting tests under the supervision of professionals. I hope we will hear good news about them soon :-)

We went to coursing training after really long time. Gordon Setter girls and Parson Russell boys made fantastic job. More photos HERE.



We are too busy last 30days. We´ve met several nice friends, Lotka has started to prepare for her hunting work and we´ve walked number of kilometres in nature.

Our 30 happy days:


                       Jim, Moris & Grace (Kutná Hora)                                  Arty, Koudy, Eddie & Lotka (setters in Medlánky)


                                                  Lotka & Eny (Kohoutovice)            Moris & Grace (Kutná Hora)


     Lotka & vizsla Agatha - pointing (Těšany)                Lotka, Beretta & Quina (visit at "Z Holubické stráně")

fishing (Trnávka)


I have supported Kápo (AL CAPONE) on Saturday's IDS in Brno. Unfortunately he hadn't broken his bad luck. He got VERY GOOD in Junior class (judge: Piskay, SK). I saw him after 4 months and he is maturing really nicely. His show performance is conscious. His time will come one day.  


AL CAPONE & ALOTRIA Neverending Grace, 13months (photos by Al Capone's owner)

Several after-show photos of Al Capone and Alotria are HERE

Rebel (A REBEL HEART) had back luck in Slovenia at dog show as well as Al Capone. They are preparing for hunting test needed for breeding so we are keeping fingers crossed for Rebel & Tamara :-)

I have recieved several photos of AMALIA. I like her head expression so similar to her daddy Troy. She is a big voyager and she likes travelling a lot. 

I visited my friend & Gordon Setter breeder on Sunday. Her puppies are about to go to new owners. One girl, Miss Red, is still searching for loving family. Her name is DAKOTA Z DVORKU ČAMOURKU. All information about this litter are available on webpage of Kennel z Dvorku Čamourku.  Several photos of puppies are HERE.


I've obtained new HD and ED results of our "A" puppy. The 3rd one with the best result is Kápo, Mr.Vinaceous. Our biggest boy. It seems that Troy's impact on health status of babies is perfect. Congratulations to owners!

heart AL CAPONE Neverending Grace "KÁPO" HDA/A & ED 0/0 heart

Garp's owner sent me his lovely pictures several days ago. He doesn't like posing like his mother. He's started to mature and looks very promising. More photos of 13months-olg Garp on his profile.

ACCORDING TO GARP Neverending Grace, 13months


Our weekend aka DOG'S KINDERGARTEN 4.0

We've spent lovely 3 days together with our parson russell terrier friends. Our flat is really inflatable :)

GRACE enjoying remains of snow

more photos HERE


We crossed fingers for Rebel today. He was X-rayed for HD.

heart A REBEL HEART Neverending Grace "REBEL" HD - A heart

Another perfect result! Big congrats to his owner Tamara for next step to fulfill breeding conditions in Slovenia.


Our "A" babies are old enough to be X-rayed for HD and ED.

Lotka was the first one who received the results. 

heart ALOTRIA Neverending Grace "LOTKA" HD A & ED 0/0 heart


Last New Year's Eve was really special. Grace gave birth to 10 strong and healthy puppies. This was the day when my dreams came true... The very first puppy was born with first seconds of national anthem and fireworks. A girl. A girl with red ribbon. Our ALOTRIA. She completely changed our tranquil life with Grace. 

In less than 4 hours Grace delivered also ARAGORN KHALATHOSA-TROYACCORDING TO GARPA REBEL HEARTAMALIAASCONAL CAPONE and ALWIN. Our litter A! Happy B-day, my sweethearts!!! 

I've recieved great news from Al Capone's and Athos's owners.

AL CAPONE weights 33kg. He is now bigger than his buddy, Irish Setter Monty. They are training for last show (in February) before hunting training break. More photos are on his profile :-)

ATHOS made a really great job! Without any training he was able to blood tracked a deer shot dead a day before. Breathtaking work of only 11 months old Gordon Setter!

And this way we spent Christmas in Neverending Grace Kennel :-)

from the left: Jim, Moris, Lotka and Grace


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from NEVERENDING GRACE Kennel.

I've recieved several e-mails from our "A" babies owners. The funniest story is about Arčí (A-TROY). He is able to open the door and also turn all lights on (especially when he is long time alone outside) as well as he is watching what's happening at cultural centre across the street :-) 


                                        Amalia                                                                        A-Troy


 I've uploaded some new photos of AMALIA and our boys Arčí aka A-TROY & ASCON.

Grace a Lotka are enjoying Indian summer weather in December much like the only day covered with snow. Lotka passed her first hunting in the middle of December in Šlapanov. We survived :-) I have to thank Jiřina (z Dvorku Čamourku Kennel) for nice invitation and members of local hunting association for all support!



It's December already. It can look like we are enjoying winter dormancy. Grace has been preventively neutered in the begining of November. I have known that due to Grace's age "A litter" is her only babies. She was great patient but now she is working with Lotka on the field again. Lotka had a chance to point a hare in the bush 14days ago. It escaped but Lotka had a chance to try "scenting of wild life animal pist" for the first time and she did it very well.

 Grace (orange collar) - 10days after surgery - co-pointing a pheasant with Lotka (green collar)


left: 6.12.2012 (Grace - 36days pregnant) x right: 6.12.2013 (Lotka, 11months & Grace, 6years)

Kennel "z Dvorku Čamourku" presents "D litter" plans  for 1/2014. Dam of the future babies is the very first DualChampion among Gordon Setters in the Czech Republic BORA Z DVORKU ČAMOURKU and Sire is young & perspective ZOOM Z HOLUBICKÉ STRÁNĚ. You can find more information about this litter on Kennel z Dvorku Čamourku webpage.

Feel free to contact the breeder via e-mail ( if you are interested in a puppy. 

There is really interesting litter of Weimaraners in case of falling in love with them. Sire of those babies, Rey, is our sparring partner in Brno. I have never seen Rey doing anything wrong.

More information about the puppies are available HERE or via e-mail:



Slovenian news: I have received new photos of our Mr.Orange, A REBEL HEART. He is training for next dog show in the end of November. More photos on his profile.

Rebel, 10months


PRAGUE EXPO DOG, last dog show in the Czech Republic in 2013,  was held 1st weekend in November. Lotka & our parson russell terrier Jim attended this show.

I haven´t had big expectations so I am pleased with our results. LOTKA (1st time in the hall) haven´t shown anything from her perfect movement so we couldn´t reached better mark than VERY GOOD in junior class. I really appreciate the approach of both judges (Saturday - p.Müller, CZE; Sunday - Ing.Jursa, SK) because they were so kind to Lotka. They told me she is an excellent bitch but she just needs time to get used to big shows (6500 dogs entered!!!).


ALOTRIA Neverending Grace - 10months

JIM is our star.  His show performance was really awesome and due to it he beat one older boy in puppy class. Jim got VERY PROMISING 1 (judge:Auerbach, CZE) on Saturday! Jim got VERY PROMISING 1 again on Sunday (judge:Zakrzewska,PL). We are so proud about our small boy!


Several photos from dog shows are HERE.

We had a great chance to meet Garp, ACCORDING TO GARP, at dog show on Saturday. Garp is little  in-person for me. He stayed little bit longer with us till he found his perfect owners in Kladno. He used to the smallest and the calmest puppy form the litter. But he is not any more. I do love his circular eyes and perfect coat colour.  More photos of Garp are uploaded on his PROFILE.

GARP HAS FULL DENTITION!!! Garp is 8th puppy with this result. I still don´t know the result of Khal and Rebel. I hope they have full dentition too :-)


ACCORDING TO GARP Neverending Grace - 10months

And one photos of my relaxing girls...


The One who totally changed my life, Ch. Arry z Dvorku Čamourku aka GRACE, celebrated her 6th B-day on 20th October.

Arry z Dvorku Čamourku "GRACE"

Grace is still perfect working dog with excellent nose. She doesn´t make mistakes at all. I have seen nice cooperation between mother and daughter during this weekend. Grace is a super teacher. It is the time when your heart skips a beat. See photos below - Grace with orange collar, Lotka with green one.


I have recieved new photos of A-TROY aka Arčí. He is a demolition squad as well as his siblings. His masterpiece is new design of his kennel.

I have updated profiles of our "A" babies: AL CAPONE, ALWIN, ASCON, A-TROY, ATHOS and AMALIA. Big thanks belongs to the owner for all photos and news about our especial litter.

We have trained with Jim for dog show in Prague and it seems that we could be succesfull. His posing is really excellent. Just needs the grooming...


ASCON went to Regional dog show in Litoměřice on 2nd Saturday in October. He got Exc.1 and Class Winner from Mrs. Ubrová (CZE). He moved in the show ring with pleasure. I am sending BIG congrats to owners!!! I believe that Ascon will continue with his perfect result next year :) 

ASCON - 9,5 months


A REBEL HEART, A-TROY, ACCORDING TO GARP, AL CAPONE, ALWIN, ARAGORN KHAL, ASCON, ATHOS, ALOTRIA a AMALIA  celebrated 9 months on 1st October and they officially entered their teen age.

AL CAPONEALWINATHOS and ALOTRIA attended CACIB České Budějovice on 5th October. Gordon setters were judged by Jean-Jacques Dupas from France. All "A" puppies got VERY GOOD with no faults in critique. They are too hyper and they can't stay more than 5 sec on one place :-) Big thanks belongs to Marcella, owner of daddy Troy, for those kind words: " Just remember you're taking the mose beuatiful dogs back home". And definitely we took them....

We arranged a family meeting at CACIB České Budějovice. I had an opportunity to see half of the puppies which stayed in the Czech Republic. They are adorable, hyperactive and loyal to their owners.

from the left: Alwin, Athos, mummy Grace (on land), Alotria, Al Capone

from the left: Alwin, Athos, mummy Grace, Alotria, Al Capone

I would like to express my thanks to "A" babies owners. They were so brave to attend international dog show with just 9month old Gordon Setter youngsters. Al Capone was indisposed by an injury (thorn in his knee) but he tried to fight for best result. And the final placing:

ATHOS Neverending Grace - VERY GOOD 2 

ALWIN Neverending Grace - VERY GOOD 3

AL CAPONE Neverending Grace - VERY GOOD 4

Lotka made her best in the show ring but she got the same critique and result as their brothers :-)

ALOTRIA Neverending Grace - VERY GOOD 2

I have recieved new photos of AMALIA. I do love her expression. She is so adorable :)

AMALIA Neverending Grace, 9 months



Rebel did it again! A REBEL HEART got VERY PROMISING in puppy class at CAC Savinjske doline (judge: Blaž Kavčič, SLO). Big congratulations to Tamara :)

I have recieved new photos of ATHOS. His look is so similar to his mother.

Autumn CACIB České Budějovice will be really special for me. 4 from 8 puppies who stayed in the Czech Republic will attend this show in Junior class. Boys AL CAPONEALWIN and ATHOS and our girl ALOTRIA will be support by their mother Grace. We are really looking forward to his show. 

We are enjoying autumn this way....


AL CAPONE and ALOTRIA attended CAC Brno last weekend (judge: dr.Šimek, CZE). Both represented our kennel in puppy class AL CAPONE with his balanced temper charmed judge and gained excellent critique with VERY PROMISING 1. Now he will take a rest from dog shows because he will start his working duties soon.

ALOTRIA wasn´t so succesful like her brother in spite of she gained VERY PROMISING 2.

AL CAPONE & ALOTRIA Neverending Grace, 8months, photo: Mr.Zapletal


AL CAPONE & ALOTRIA photo: Zuzana Nedavašková

More photos from Zuzka are on profile of AL CAPONE and ALOTRIA.


Our 5th "A" baby went to a dog show last Saturday. ALWIN attended his very first dog show and raceived nice critique and VERY PROMISING 1 in puppy class (judge: Mr.Němec, CZE). I would like to thank Lucie Studýnkové (CHS Davaroni) for handling. I am so proud of our "A" babies and their results!


Sarah has sent me new Khal´s photos. There is no doubt that he is Lotka´s brother. I hope that ARAGORN KHAL will soon attend  dog show in Croatia because he seems to be really perspective. Check all new photos on his profile.

We started hunting training after a summer break with LOTKA again. She has nice temper on the field and great nose. We have to train more pointing because she is so interested in moving quails :)


ALWIN will attend his very first dog show this Saturday. He will be 5th "A" baby in show ring! I am so proud!


I have recieved new photos of "Captain Rebel and his summer cruise". I suppose we all are little bit jealous of him and his perfect holiday. All new photos are uploaded on A REBEL HEART´s profile.

We planned a nice family trip ( 2 Gordon Setters, 2 Parson Russell Terriers) to southern Bohemia last Saturday because GRACE competed in coursing there. The competition was close to state chateau Kratochvíle and surrounded by ponds. It´s really lovely place. On our way back we also visited the state chateau of Hluboká. Our dogs were admired there by the visitors :)

Grace met her sister Asta in Netolice. Girls also had a chance to run together during the competition. Asta was smarter than Grace so she won both rounds. Grace ended on 4th place but Asta (in her very first competition!) even on 3rd place! Great debut! Congrats to owners, Gabča and Lukáš.




I have published basic information about our parson russell terrier Jim, Cute Caruso Happy Russell. I hope we will manage the time of erupting of teeth (and problems with ears conected with this life period) and attend any dog show soon.

ALOTRIA, our small teddy bear, has new photos on her profile.


I have recieved a great information from the owners of ATHOS. He has full dentition as 7th puppy from our "A" litter. Also new photos are uploaded on his profile.

ALWIN will attend dog show in the end of August for the first time. His summer photos are uploaded in his photogallery



I have recieved new photos of ATHOS. He is really handsome. He spends hot summer days by the pond. He is jumping into the water with verve, swimming with passion and sometime he dips his head under the water.

Athos will attend CACIB České Budějovice in October in Junior class. We are looking forward to see Athos there. More photos of Athos is uploaded on his profile.


AL CAPONE started to prepare for his hunting career with help of his "bigger borther" Irish Setter Monty. Al Capone was trained for searching on water-table and little bit of retrieving. He seems to be mad about water work. I am so proud of him!

Rest of the videos HERE.
New photos on Al Capone´s profle :)


 A-TROY aka Arčí is enjoying summer. He can swim and he is able to retrieve dummies from water. He is definitely the most hairy and shaggy puppy. He has 31kg in 6.5months. Big boy :)

All his new photos are uploaded on A-TROY´s profile.


CACIB Mladá Boleslav, judge: Tamara Sarmont (Belarus)

Puppy class: ASCON Neverending Grace - VERY PROMISING 1 with nice critique

photo: Zuzka Nedavašková (Manon Lescaut Kennel)

I do thank to Ascon´s owners to come in this very hot weather and make such a good job in show ring! I am so proud!

ALWIN and his family come to Mladá Boleslav too. I saw Alwin after more than 4 months. Alwin and Ascon are so similar and both have full dentition. Alwin will attend dog show in autumn 2013.

Lotka, ALOTRIA, went to hunting training camp in Brod nad Dyjí organised by Horyslov school. Big thanks for possibility to come and all support.

foto: Tereza Lačná

I spent a lovely Friday´s afternoon by the sand-pit with both my girls. Photos from training and dog show HERE.

My big babies ASCON, ALWIN i ALOTRIA  have new photos on their profiles.


Everyone needs to relax from time to time. This prolonged weekend was a great oportunity for it. We spent a lovely time with ourr parson russell terrier friends Moris and Jim. Cute Caruso Happy Russell aka JIM is new member of our family (my brother is the owner). Because we are planning dog show in autumn, I tried to pose Jim and Lotka. 


Weather was great for dogs whole time but the best was on Sunday. Sun was shining and we went to our "Czech Bibione", sand-pit Sanberk. Dogs love this place so much.  Lotka and Jim are just too young to be trained so dogs enjoyed playing in the water and on the beach :)


Really big photogallery from the weekend HERE.

But the most important news of last week is Alotria´s full dentition. Her M3 still has time to erupt but I was so curious to know it as soon as possible. We went to my colleague´s clinic to make X-ray. M3 is visible on the X-ray!!! First step in long way to have another brood bitch at home just started ;)


Our "A" babies are 6 MONTHS TODAY! I am more and more in love with them. I had a chance to meet AMALIA last Friday. She is perfect! I like her head, angulation and nice temper. She has full dentition! You can check her new photos on her PROFILE.

AL CAPONE attended dog show again. For the last time in Baby class at Intercanis Brno (29.6.2013) he got VERY PROMISING (judge: Muller, CZE) with nice critique and he has oficially  full dentition! Video from the dog show is available on our facebook page HERE.


New photos of Garp, ACCORDING TO GARP, on his profile :)


Our future Slovenian star Rebel, A REBEL HEART, went to 2xCACIB Bled last weekend. He made an excellent job again despite of tropical weather. He got VERY PROMISING 1 & BEST MINOR PUPPY from president of Cynological Association of Slovenia Mr. Blaž Kavčič on Saturday and VERY PROMISING from Darko Martinovič (CRO) on Sunday. Both judges fortold a sucessfull future for Rebel. His new photos from dog show check on his profile.

We spent a lovely weekend with my girls. We went to a coursing training on Saturday morning. Grace did great job as usual. ALOTRIA came with as only to get used to the atmosphere because coursing is demanding for joints. But finally she ran her very first meters because some dog refused to run and she loved it :) We went swimming on Sunday. Alotria still swims her crazy splashing way but she enjoys it (VIDEO1 a VIDEO2). But I was amazed by Parson Russell Terier MORIS of my brother´s girlfriend who without any hunting experience before retrieved dummy like a pro (VIDEO)!


I have recieved a nice e-mail from owner of ACCORDING TO GARP. Garp likes swimming a lot as well as lying in the splashes! He attends obedience training regularly. He interrupts lectures a lot because he loves other dogs so much :)

A-TROY have sent me new photos. I think he wins the competiton for most hairy puppy of our "A" litter. He likes to retrieve everything. You can see A-Troy´s new photos on his profile.

Owners of AMALIA have sent me new photos of her. She is so similar to daddy Troy. She is passionate gardener and according to the pictures also a destroyer :)

I can´t forget to mention great succes of daddy Troy, MultiCh. Liric Xcaliber. He won 3rd BEST IN SHOW in Heerjansdam this weekend. We are so proud to have a chance to use this special Gordon Setter boy as a father of our "A"litter and we are sending warm congrats to Marcella!


I spent a nice afternoon with Grace´s breeder Jiřinka (z Dvorku Čamourku Kennel) and her Gordon Setter girls Dyksi and Bora yesterday. Life with Alotria is full of surprises. She is fearless. She jumps into the water and swims with passion. Her style is not the best but we will manage it one day. She also retrieves dummy like a pro. She runs through reeds just because she wants. I don´t force her to do it! She is just 5 months old and she is really promising hunting girl :) I have an unsanded daimond at home...

Swimming video HERE

Dummy retrieve video HERE

Reeds video HERE

Please set HD quality video on youtube and mainly the reeds video watch with maximum volume to hear the rustling reeds :)


I have received new photos of ATHOS. He seems to show great hunting skills. His owners praise him for good nose and of course for his dauntlessness in "fights" with cats. Athos attends dog training (obedience) as his siblings too. His weight is over 20kg now. His front view is so similar to mum Grace but of course he is much more masculine. I have found a photoalbum with Grace when she was exactly the same age. So for fun you can check Grace as 5 months old baby at evaluation for hunting dogs in March 2008 HERE. New photos of  ATHOS on his profile.



Weather is terrible last days. Even though we are going out every day to train Lotka. She is really smart in the field. She has NO REACTION on a shoot and she is also able to find wildlife animals with her nose. We trained searching of pigeon on Friday and she was able to find it in low and also in high grass.

ALOTRIA, 5 měsíců


ASCON and his owners visited CACIB Litoměřice last weekend and then they decided to attend CACIB Mladá Boleslav in July!!!Ascon is gorgeous boy with lovely head and perfect angulation. He participates at dog training (obedience) regularly. He works great and he has no reaction on a shot! You can check new photos on ASCON´s profile.


A REBEL HEART went to his first dog show ever in SLovenia (CAC Hrušica) and he made an excellent job. He got VERY PROMISING 1 & BEST BABY from Austrain judge Mrs. Doppelreiter. Congratulations! Thanks Tamara for perfect care of my special boy and fingers crossed for next dog show in 3 weeks!

Daddy Troy, LIRIC XCALIBER, participated in Dutch Setter Championship Clubshow judged by Mrs. Frew (UK). He got EXCELLENT in champion class. Congratulations!

ATHOS is also keen gardener like his siblings. He made the horticultural adaptation several times :)



We traditionally enterted Regional Dog Show in Kačina. ALOTRIA recieved excellent critique and VERY PROMISING 1 from judge Mr.Němec (CZE).  


Daddy of our "A" litter, MultiCh. Liric Xcaliber, made an excellent job in Arnhem. He gained CAC, BOB and as well as he was shortlisted for BIG4. Warm congratulations to Marcella Booij :)


Lotka spent last 2 weeks in Brno. She ended her stay with sparkling situation. At noon, in the city centre. Starring ALOTRIA. The video is available HERE

ASCON's owners sent me lovely information about our boy. He is able to bark for word in 4 months of age! Fabulous! He is going to see the dog show in Litoměřice next weekend and if the owners like it, we will meet him soon in the show ring.


"When dreams come true." Two of my "A" babies attended Club Show MSKAO in chateau Slavkov-Austerlitz judge by Mrs. Tatjana Urek (SLO).  It was very first dog show for AL CAPONE and his owner. They trained a lot but unfortunatelly Al Capone was little bit tired when he reached the ring. Nevertheless they recieved nice critique with result VERY PROMISING 2. ALOTRIA had to compete with 2 older female babies. She made her best and got VERY PROMISING 2. The winner of female baby class was adorable Lady Liberty Undet Sett who became BIS baby later.


author of pics Zuzka Nedavašková, Al Capone on the left, Alotria on the right

Big thanks belongs to Al Capone´s owner for participating in and see you soon at next dog show.

You can see photos of Al Capone and Alotria from various authors HERE and complete photogallery taken by Al CApone´s owner  HERE.

ALOTRIA and AL CAPONE have new photos from dog show on their profile.

I have recieved new photos of A-TROY. He is really huge male :)

Owners of ALWIN sent me a lovely e-mail this weekend. They are attending dog training school twice a week. Alwin looks perspective for to be trained as a rescue dog. But for now his biggest hobby is gardening.



I have received new photos of AMALIA.

We participated on hunting training camp (2nd-5th May) with my girls. Alotria went there just to support mother Grace but she was so crazy about work so I let her practice some basic things like field work, pointing and retrieving. She is so perspective for field work! It was pleasure to watch her. Grace worked hard too. She wasn´t so happy everytime (retrieving of fox) but she is still my good old Grace on point! Thanks to all trainers and we will see in autumn again. Several photos from the camp HERE.


                 Lotka - lesson of pointing                                                                     Grace - on point         


I have received many photos of my beloved "A" babies. I am so happy because puppies are looking very perspective. A REBEL HEART is spending his first holiday in Croatia, AL CAPONE participated in evaluation of hunting dogs in Náměšti na Hané this weekend, ASCON participates in dog training (puppy school) and ATHOS is so smart and sensible according to his owners.


Al                               Al Capone (photo: Iveta Dočkalová)                                                    Athos                         


Grace took part in first coursing competition after maternity leave. She made such a good job. She finished with great points on 3rd place in mix group FCI II + FCI VII. Thank Jana Kubíčková for photo. (Jana Kaisi Photography).


We visited my friend and her English Setter girls on Friday. We spent a lovely afternoon there. Girls had a chance to work on a field a little. Lotka jumped into the stream without any fear. She is so brave :) Thanks Lucka Studýnková (Davaroni Kennel) for photos.


Our English Cockerspaniel Elis z Borové samoty passed evalution for hunting dogs on Saturday. She has scissor bite, full dention and she is without any abnormalities in general. Her height is 37.5cm.


We trained for dog show with Lotka on Saturday too. I am satisfied with my young lady even if ti is not perfect :)

Saturday afternoon was filled with puppies. We spent lovely time at SCOTCH DO POLE Kennel. Puppies are 1 month old and 2 lovely girls are still looking for owners. Sire: Misty Lake's Never Say Never (CIE, HD A, ED free, PRA clear) + Dam: Maria Matilde DAMA Krkonoše (CIB, HD A, ED free, Club Ability tests I.prize CACT)

Puppies are ready to go to new home in the end of may. All informations about puppies HERE


And finally we ended our choosy weekend with hunting training. Lotka in her age of 15 weeks retreived a pigeon like a proffesional. I love her work so much. I am proud owner. She worked with her nose kindly and accurately!



"A" babies and their new photos in their folders - A REBEL HEARTAL CAPONEALWIN and ARAGORN KHAL.


         Alwin                                                           A Rebel Heart 


            Al Capone                                                        Lotčina socializace :)

Grace made an excellent job on the field today. Short video about her cooperation with Irish Setter Eddie HERE.

Several new photos of my girls, Grace and Alotria, HERE




Puppies are developing well. They started their third moths and the weights vary from 12.0 to 13.5kg. Lotka weights 12.3kg (today's data). Owners of A-TROY, ARAGORN KHAL, ASCON and ATHOS have sent me new pictures of their boys. You can see all of them in their photogalleries. I have uploaded new ALOTRIA's photos. 


Athos                           &                 A-Troy (Arčí)


Aragorn Khal                      &                               Alotria



Our sweethearts A REBEL HEART, A-TROY, ACCORDING TO GARP, AL CAPONE, ALWIN, ARAGORN KHAL, ASCON, ATHOS, ALOTRIA a AMALIA celebrate 3 months today! Owners provide perfect care to all of them. It's also 5months from mating in the Netherlands....

New photos of AMALIA and ACCORDING TO GARP uploaded :)


Some retrospective photos of pregnant Grace and first days with puppies below.




Dyksi z Krátošických strání, Grace's mother, made a great job at yesterday's international dog show in České Budějovice (judge: Matyáš, SK). She gained BOV (Best of veterans). Big congratulations!!!


Sarah (Khal´s owner) sent me his new photos today. I am a proud breeder. He is developing very well. You can see all photos in photoalbum of ARAGORN KHAL :-)


AL CAPONE is preparing for his hunting career. He is smart boy. All photos you can see HERE.


Owners of AL CAPONE, ALWIN, ASCON and ATHOS have sent me new photos. Boys are developing well :)

Weekend frolic of Grace and Alotria is documented HERE.

(Alotria left, Troy right)

Marcella Booij sent me lovely comparison of Alotria and Troy. She is definitely daddy´s girl :)


I have uploaded new photos of our "A" babies. Each puppy has its own photogallery. In "Odchovy" you can choose a puppy according to the name and see his/her life's adventures.

Troy, MultiCh. Liric Xcaliber, participated at CRUFTS last weekend and he was shortlisted in strong open class (best 7 from 19) but finally did not get placed. He made a fantastic job! We are proud of him ♥♥♥

author: Olga Przybyłowska

Grace is back in her normal life. We went for a lovely walk yesterday afternoon. She was running and sniffing a lot. She found her very first roes this year. This picture was taking while she was looking at them. (Today the weather chnaged a lot and winter is back)

And how my girls are enjoying themselves? (No, never! The dog will never lie on a sofa!)


Garp has lef with his new family. It's differnet now. Special tranquility. Only ALOTRIA NEVERENDING GRACE "Lotka" stays at our kennel. Isn't she beautiful?

Garp and Lotka were like twins last week. They spent every second together. It was really busy week for them. You can check photos HERE

I would like to thank  from the bottom of my heart to my parents for the help with my long-awaited litter, to Marcella Booij (Troy's breeder) for possibility to use Troy as a Sire of my "A" litter and advertising puppies and to Jiřina Moravcová (Grace's breeder) for neverending advice and help.


How's the life in Kutná Hora now?

Lotka's weight is 8.85kg, Grace's 28kg. Grace is not so happy to having a rival at home. She plays with Lotka from time to time and tries to train and educate her. I hope they will be tiptop couple one day :-)



Garp is enjoying last days together with sister Alotria at home. Mum Grace is having a vacation in Brno - without active children :)

New section "PROGENY" coming soon. I have lot of information and pictures of our "A" babies to share :)


Last spoken boy ASCON has left with his new owners to Most. He is getting used to new place very quickly. He is so smart :-)

I can't resit the lovely weather this afternoon (sun & blue sky) so Garp (ACCORDING TO GARP) and Lotka (ALOTRIA) went for a walk for the first time. 

New photos from this lovely afternoon HERE


Our very first Gordon Setter litter celebrated 2 moths today. It is incredible that the first girl with red ribbon (my long-awaited Grace's offspring) will light up our lives because she is staying with us.

Mr.Vinaceous AL CAPONE (Kápo) moved away today. He will work through the mystique of hunting with his young owner.

ACCORDING TO GARP (Garp) is still waiting for loving owners so we made new posing pictures of him. How adorable he is you can see HERE.


Garp - 2 months

Sunday afternoon photos of 5 puppies (Alotria, Ascon, Al Capone, According to Garp a Aragorn Khal) are uploaded HERE.

Aragorn Khal + Ascon, age: 55days

Today's photos of Al Capone, Ascon, According to Garp and Alotira are HERE.

Al Capone - 2 months



Our first born boy ARAGORN KHAL aka Mr. Light Blue has gone to Croatia.

Al Capone, Ascon and According to Garp will leave us during this weekend. And Alotria will be the only one at home, with her mother Grace....


It's time to explore the world! Rebel (A REBEL HEART) left with his new owners to Slovenia on Friday. AMALIA moved away on Friday too.


A-TROY, ATHOS and ALWIN left with their new owner today despite of snow calamity in the Czech Republic! We wish them lots of luck and great time with their black and tan gentlemen.

Grace loves snow so much. She enjoys every moment outside..

Photos from Friday and Saturday HERE



We received pedigrees by post today. Some of our puppies are leaving us this weekend.

New photos from day 46-49 HERE


Time runs so fast with puppies. Some puppies are going to move to new families next weekend!

  Tuesday's interactive entertainment                              Grace - the best mum ever

Photogallery - days 42-46 HERE

I have uploaded several videos to demonstrate how fun it is to live with our puppies :-)

Aragorn Khal + Amalia VIDEO 1

Afternoon's fun VIDEO 2

Typical way of playing together VIDEO 3



We spent next choosy weekend. Claws cutting, deworming, vaccination and microchipping. They were so fearless :)

Puppies celebrate their 6th week today and what's fantastic that ALL PUPPIES ARE RESERVED! Our benjamin Garp (According to Garp) will live in Germany. I hope he will fulfill the expectations. 


Athos + Ascon                                                                 Al Capone

Photogallery from days 39-41 HERE


A Rebel Heart                                                           Athos

A bit of trainning for show rings HERE (at the age of 41 days)



The weather is good enough to let puppies stay the part of the day on the balcony. They spent 4hours outside yesterday. They were playing, fighting, scrambling for a pheasant wing, eating and also sleeping on the dog sofa :)


           Amalia                                            According To Garp (available)

Puppies got collars as big dogs yesterday. The colors were changed a little bit. Mr. Vinaceous (Al Capone) is now Mr.Purple and our still available Garp is wearing beige collar instead of white ribbon.

Photogallery from day 35 till day 38 is as usual HERE


We spent sophisticated and lovely weekend with future owners of our puppies. Puppies were so tired after so many visits that they slept whole night like angels. Nowadays we know which name belongs to which puppy.

Ladies: red ALOTRIA a golden AMALIA

Men: light blue ARAGORN KHAL, green A-TROY (Arčí), yellow ATHOS, white ACCORDING TO GARP (Garp), orange A REBEL HEART, dark blue ASCON, vinaceous AL CAPONE (Kápo) a silver ALWIN

A Rebel Heart will live in Slovenia and Aragorn Khal more further in Croatia. Our "benjamin" Garp is still looking for loving owner!!!

According To Garp Neverending Grace - 33days - last available boy from our mating in the Netherlands

New posing photos were made by Grace´s breeder who visited us on Saturday evening - HERE

We didn´t have time to transport puppies on the garden so they enjoyed nice afternoon on the balcony with pheasant at least :)

All photos are uploaded HERE

New videos online on youtube ( "reading newspapers", playing Alotria and the pheasant video).



I uploaded new photogallery of our puppies from days 29-32 - HERE

Mirror mirror, tell me who is the most beautiful in the world? (Mr.Orange)

New owners are coming to see puppies during the weekend so we finally will know the name of each puppy!


We are 28days old! Today's afternoon photos HERE



Puppies celebrates their 4th week on Monday. I weight them today (2,25-2,5kg) because of next deworming procedure tomorrow. I cut their claws on Saturday and it was really hard job :)


Puppies are big enough for dry dog food. We started with wet dry food on Saturday and puppies think that it is delicious! 


I tried to make another posing photos. Progress is visible but it isn't perfect :) All photos you can see HERE as usual. 


I went to hunting ball on Saturday. I didn't win any prize in tombola but I have to thank a lot to my dear friend Tereza who gave me her prize, pheasant. Grace was very happy about it (see her sparkling eyes). But the pheasant will be used for puppies primarily to get in touch with some hunting stuff.




Puppies are growing so fast. They were able to climb over the lowered entrance to whelping box (30cm) so it had to be level up :) Puppies have full bellies whole day, the shape of their body is pretty triangular.


Photos from Monday to Friday HERE

Troy, father of our "A" litter, is enjoying really nice winter weather in Holland. Thanks for this lovely pic made by Troy's owner, Marcella Booij.


I finally uploaded several videos of our little black devils :)

VIDEO 1 - feeding (when they were really small)

VIDEO 2 - feeding at the age of 17 days

VIDEO 3 - feeding at the age of 19 days

VIDEO 4 - red girl playing with dark blue boy


We spent very special day today. I tried little show training with puppies and made some posing snapshots. Every puppy has its original style, you can evaluate our effort HERE.

Puppies ate from a bowl for the first time. Some of them realized really quickly that the milk inside is eatable!

Today's weights (at the age of 20days): 1,3-1,6kg vinaceous boy has enourmous apetite and he is still the biggest one :) 

Troy, father of our "A" litter made excelent job at dog show againHe got 2Exc. and res. Best Dog. Congratulations!



Days run so fast with puppies. They are 19 days old. They notice Grace and members of our family.  Teeth started to erupt to all puppies. 

our sleeping little devils, snaphots from last 5days HERE

We have 2 boys available. All information about puppies you can check in folder "A Litter" or "Puppies"



Puppies are 14days old! All of them opened their eyes during the weekend. Three puppies weight over 1kg (golden girl, light blue boys and vinaceous boy). They put on weight 540-640g in average from birth, only vinaceous boy 760g :)

Puppies passed first deworming today.

New photos from weekend HERE

Troy (Liric Xcaliber), father of our puppies, made an excelent job at yesterday's dog show in Belgium. He achieved this fabulous appraisal: 1st Exc. in Champion Class, CAC, Ambiorix Winner'13, BOB and BIG2! Congratulations!!!


Many interesting things happened during last week.

I have to go to work so puppies stay alone at home with Grace. Jiřina Moravcová came for a lovely visit on Tuesday. Grace was born in first litter in her kennel. In accordance with her puppies look promising and haven't got cranked tails!


Yesterday I realized that puppies are too big for my balance. Imprecise weights of puppies are 750-850g at the age of 11 days. Vinaceous boy (the biggest one) weights 940g!

I also tried to make next personal snapshots of our puppies.


Whole photogallery is accesible HERE

Green boy opened his eyes as first on Friday.

We finally have all names for puppies!

Boys: A Rebel Heart, A-Troy, According to Garp, Al Capone, Alwin, Aragorn Khal, Ascon and Athos

Girls: Alotria and Amalia




Puppies weight 500-640g (in 6th day of their life). They move a lot and try to bark!

New photos you can see HERE

We have 3 boys available.



DAY 2 + 3 new pictures HERE

We have 4 boys available


Our "DREAM TEAM" litter was born on 1st January 2013! Grace and babies  (2 girls + 8 boys) are fine. All information about our litter you can find HERE.

We have 5 boys available!

First photos of our puppies you can see HERE.



Grace has a good time during Christmas holidays. We wait for exact day for whelping. Grace is 59days pregnant today.



We celebrate small anniversary today. I brought Grace home from Jiřka Moravcová (Kennel z Dvorku Čamourku) 5 years ago.


DAY 51

We saw 7 puppies on X-RAY photograph. Grace weights about 6.5kg more. She is eating and sleeping all day.



14.12.2012 day 44



36th day of pregnancy

Grace's belly grows very fast. We still accept reservations for puppies from this especial litter.     Contact HERE



 30th day of pregnancy



PREGNANCY CONFIRMED! Information about expected litter and reservation possibilities HERE.

Thanks for perfect care at Veterinary Clinic Čáslav and my parents for lovely care about Grace.

Puppies will be nursed in Kutná Hora. Date of birth is around 3th January 2013. Puppies will leave us at the turn of month February / March 2013.


 "A" Litter Neverending Grace 

Childhood dreams might become true. My dreamed-of mating came to pass on 31st October and 1st November 2012 in Papendrecht, Netherlands. Troy (Liric Xcaliber) confirmed my expectation. I have never seen better Gordon Setter male before. I appreciate his lovely temperament. Confirmation of pregnancy by ultrasound will be done at the end of November 2012.

More information about planned litter HERE

Several not high quality photos from mating below.




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